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CNBC Celebrates National Financial Literacy Month by Announcing New Dedicated Financial Education Initiative – CNBC Your Money


April 05, 2023

Initiative kicks off in April with full slate of special coverage aimed at empowering people to take control of their financial future

As part of its National Financial Literacy Month efforts, CNBC today announced plans for a new financial education initiative, CNBC Your Money, which will be dedicated to helping people manage, grow and protect their money so they can live ambitiously.

The new initiative, which is an extension of the CNBC Your Money editorial brand, will further amplify the organization’s content, helping to meet the needs of a core but underserved audience segment. Through access and advocacy, the initiative will educate people about their personal finances across every life stage from school age to retirement.

“Personal finance issues impact our decision making throughout every stage of our lives – from paying for school to buying a home to building a family to saving for retirement,” said KC Sullivan, CNBC President. “Through this initiative, CNBC has the opportunity to help people navigate the financial landscape and provide trusted educational content that empowers them to make informed decisions about their financial wellbeing.”

CNBC Your Money will strengthen and scale its personal finance content currently produced for TV, Digital and Events as well as provide tools and resources across all CNBC platforms. In addition, CNBC will deliver pertinent content to other NBCU platforms.

CNBC will work with schools, community groups and like-minded organizations to provide readily accessible information people need to take control of their financial future. As part of this initiative, CNBC will leverage the NBCU Academy program to develop a financial education curriculum, workshops and panels for students across the globe. Created by the NBCUniversal News Group, NBCU Academy is a journalism and media technology training program free to those who want to learn, grow and engage with the organization.

CNBC will use proprietary research and survey data results to improve effectiveness and outreach to those audiences most interested in financial education news and information, specifically around the confidence people have about their money, what contributes to their financial stress and how to manage debt and navigate the financial systems.

Kicking off with special coverage in celebration of Financial Literacy Month, CNBC will arm its audience with the latest expert insights, practical tips and inspiring stories to encourage them to take action toward achieving their financial goals. All Financial Literacy Month coverage appearing across CNBC platforms will be made available on the CNBC Your Money digital hub at

Following is a list of coverage plans for April.


  • CNBC’s Senior Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson will report on the increased number of U.S. companies offering financial education in the workplace and how schools, participially one school in Vermont, are dealing with financial literacy challenges. She will also break down money lessons for multiple age groups, ranging from age 5 through adulthood, to help them learn how to become more financially savvy.  
  • CNBC will highlight notable interviews from CNBC’s Women & Wealth and Equity and Opportunity events about challenges and opportunities in retirement savings for Black, Latino, and Asian investors and for female investors. 
  • Throughout the month of April, CNBC will air vignettes with Sharon Epperson that focus on various personal finance topics including pay negotiation, food inflation, credit scores, emergency savings accounts, estate planning, among others. 
  • On April 11, CNBC will publish findings from the CNBC Your Money Financial Confidence Survey, conducted in partnership with Momentive, focusing on Americans’ confidence as it relates to the current state of their finances. Results from the survey will be revealed during CNBC’s Business Day programming and have accompanying articles on and CNBC Make It as well as content on CNBC’s social accounts. Telemundo will also utilize the data from the CNBC survey for its Financial Literacy Month programming. 

CNBC Digital

Early/Mid-Career & Investing Coverage

  • Personal Finance Reporter Annie Nova will explain what high school students need to know so they don’t take on too much student debt and speak with a financial therapist about mental obstacles keeping people from learning more about money and how to implement smart strategies. 
  • CNBC Partnerships Editor Cindy Perman will offer the Adulting Money Guide, a collection of how-tos for soon-to-be graduates on topics including: how to set up a budget, how to buy your first car, how to negotiate your first job offer, how to set up a 401(k) and how to choose health insurance, among others.  
  • CNBC Make It Money Reporter Cheyenne DeVon will explain what compound interest is and how to take advantage of it.  
  • CNBC Make It Senior Money Reporter Ryan Ermey will explain how to open a Roth IRA and answer the biggest questions surrounding brokerage accounts. 
  • CNBC Make It Money Reporter Mike Winters will explain what to know about your finances by age 30 and show you ways to trick yourself into saving more. 
  • Personal Finance Reporter Lorie Konish will speak with CNBC Advisor Council members who will offer advice to help new investors get started. 
  • CNBC PRO Reporter Michelle Fox will explain how trading options work, what people are trying to accomplish by using them and the potential pitfalls as the strategies behind them become increasingly complex.
  • Investing Reporter Sarah Min will explain what to look for when picking an actively managed fund.
  • Markets Intern Pia Singh will share the importance of understanding investing fees.
  • Deputy Personal Finance Editor Kelli Grant, CFP®, will answer top money questions she has received over her 19 years as a personal finance journalist – from navigating college costs to being able to afford retirement to improving credit scores. 
  • CNBC Select will provide users with a personal finance glossary inclusive of the most important financial terms and explain what to know about managing money for each life stage from your 20s to your 60s.  

Retirement Coverage

  • Personal Finance Reporter Lorie Konish will offer an educational refresher on Social Security, Medicare, taxes and more as the need for financial education increases in retirement.
  • Personal Finance Reporter Greg Iacurci will profile one woman’s experience with elder fraud and help debunk money myths. 
  • CNBC Digital Video will produce special content around Social Security, taxes and the real estate market. 

Additional Coverage

  • CNBC en Español will interview certified financial planners who will explain what impacts Hispanics most and share top tips on how to become financially savvy.
  • CNBC Make It Money Reporter Kamaron McNair will profile a Black millennial who is working to help close the racial wealth gap through education.
  • Personal Finance Reporter Kate Dore, CFP®, will explore cities across the U.S. that are adding chief financial empowerment officers and how they aim to make a difference in their communities. She will also profile SAGE, the organization behind the app SAGECents, which is designed to boost financial literacy in the older LGBTQ+ community.
  • Personal Finance Reporter Jessica Dickler will speak to CNBC Advisor Council members about their memorable money missteps. 
  • Technology Reporter Kif Leswing will examine Apple’s financial services push designed to help consumers improve their financial health. 

CNBC Social 

  • CNBC’s Money Word of the Day Instagram (@moneywotd) will break down complicated financial terms and share actionable money tips throughout April covering topics such as inflation, interest rates, mortgage options, tax breaks and financial basics. 
  • Followers can also test themselves and challenge their friends in a weekly personal finance quiz on CNBC’s Instagram (@cnbc). 
  • CNBC Make It (@cnbcmakeit) will host a 30-day challenge on Instagram to help followers build healthier financial habits by providing daily money tips in April. 
  •’s Personal Finance team will host a weekly Twitter Spaces discussion, This Week, Your Wallet, during April and cover a variety of personal finance topics. 
  • Throughout April, CNBC’s LinkedIn newsletter will have a financial education theme each week. 

CNBC Events 

  • CNBC’s Equity and Opportunity: Securing an Economic Future for All, taking place virtually on April 4 at 3pm ET, will convene corporate and business leaders to discuss the steps we need to take to create a more sustainable economic future for all – from providing more equitable health care to closing the racial retirement gap to creating a pipeline to the C-suite. Speakers include Thasunda Brown Duckett, TIAA President & CEO, and Rick Wade, U.S. Chamber of Commerce SVP Strategic Alliances & Outreach, among others.
  • CNBC will host the Women & Wealth virtual event on April 11 at 1pm ET. The first ever Women & Wealth forum will touch on how women are reevaluating their relationship with money and explore ways they can increase their income, save for the future and make the most out of current opportunities. Speakers include Personal Finance Expert and Author Suze Orman, Redefining Wealth Founder Patrice Washington and Sun Group Wealth Partners Founding Partner Winnie Sun, among others. Click here to register. 

CNBC Podcasts 

  • CNBC’s Your Money Minute, a daily personal finance audio briefing hosted by CNBC Radio Anchor Jessica Ettinger, will include special tips throughout the month including slices from CNBC’s Women & Wealth event and trending topics from the Money Word of the Day Instagram account.  

CNBC Newsletters 

  • A special edition of CNBC’s Money 101 newsletter will be made available to subscribers in April and focus on getting back to the basics in your financial life and how your workplace can help.  New Money 101 subscribers will also receive an eight-week course focused on helping simplify the path to financial freedom. Sign up for the English version of the newsletter at or the Spanish version at