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Sephora, Digitas and NBCUniversal to Deliver Groundbreaking Limited Docuseries Celebrating Latine Beauty Entrepreneurs

Four-part custom series to launch exclusively on Peacock on November 15


November 15, 2023

Sephora, Digitas and NBCUniversal are proud to introduce “The Foundation of Belleza,” a first-of-its-kind, limited content series that celebrates the rich tapestry of intergenerational storytelling within the Latine community. The four-part docuseries – directed by award-winning writer, director, and Dominican Republic native Gabriela Ortega and produced in collaboration with NBCUniversal’s Creative Partnerships and creative studio Ventureland – is set to illuminate the journeys of influential beauty brand owners, shedding light on how their roots have inspired and shaped their ability to create innovative beauty brands that authentically represent and celebrate their communities.

Streaming exclusively on Peacock on November 15, “The Foundation of Belleza” is hosted by Emmy®-award winning actress and host, Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, and will delve into the profound connections between beauty, self-care, entrepreneurship, and cultural heritage. During each episode, Bailon-Houghton will introduce viewers to a different brand founder, celebrating their stories and their significant contributions to the Latine narrative. The first episode will showcase Babba C. Rivera, the visionary behind the hair-care brand Ceremonia. Subsequent episodes will feature Desiree Verdejo, founder of Hyper Skin, and Carina Chaz, the mastermind behind DedCool.

“The diversity and richness of the Latine culture is profound, and we at Sephora are so honored that these amazing brand founders are sharing their stories and histories with us and viewers. By spotlighting these Latine-founded brands, we hope to highlight their amazing contributions to beauty and continue pushing forward with our mission of creating more welcoming, supportive and collaborative environments within the beauty industry.” -Anne Cambria, Vice President, Campaigns and Content, Product and Brand, Sephora

By exploring the intersections of identity, duality, and ancestral memory, Ortega’s artistic vision – under the creative direction of NBCUniversal – will captivate audiences and inspire a deeper understanding of the Latine experience.

Sephora, Digitas and NBCUniversal are eager to embark on this storytelling journey that honors the Latine community’s resilience, creativity, and passion for self-expression through beauty and entrepreneurship. This limited content series on Peacock promises to inspire, and uplift audiences around the world. Digitas

As Sephora’s content partner, Digitas remains committed to its proven track record of creating breakthrough campaigns and content that prioritize diversity, in collaboration with Sephora.

“We are excited about this groundbreaking limited series as it allows us to truly amplify the voices and stories of Latine beauty entrepreneurs. Our aim is to showcase their remarkable innovation, unwavering resilience, and profound cultural pride. We firmly believe that by celebrating and embracing diversity and inclusivity, we have the power to inspire a whole new generation of creators and foster a beauty industry that is truly inclusive.” – Danisha Lomax, Head of Client Inclusivity at Digitas

“NBCUniversal is committed to telling the stories that entertain, inform, and shape the world around us. We have a responsibility to reflect the diverse stories and cultures that are all part of our lives. As a Latina in the media industry, I understand how profoundly our moms and abuelas have shaped our concept of beauty and the world around us. I personally have a deep respect and love for our culture, and we’re committed to telling stories that genuinely reflect our rich diversity and heritage. ‘The Foundation of Belleza’ has the power to represent us as we truly are; to lead conversations around the Latine community, influence culture, and change our world for the better.” -Mimi Belt, Vice President & Creative Director, Advertising & Partnerships, NBCUniversal