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NBCUniversal Hosts Pitch NY to Promote Diverse Voices in Entertainment

NBCUniversal Hosts Pitch NY to Promote Diverse Voices in Entertainment

December 13, 2018

NBCUniversal was proud to sponsor Pitch NY, a workshop to provide aspiring filmmakers, producers and writers with resources and guidance to advance their careers. Students from New York-based schools applied to participate in Pitch NY to learn from experienced filmmakers, writers, directors and producers as they prepare for their careers in the entertainment industry. Participants were given opportunities to network with their peers, hear from panels of experts, and practice pitching their creative ideas to entertainment industry representatives.

“Pitch NY shares NBCUniversal’s longstanding mission to identify, nurture and showcase diverse and emerging talent,” said Craig Robinson, Executive Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer at NBCUniversal. “We love hosting the event and this year’s participants were as impressive as ever. By diligently working to attract, develop and retain the best and the brightest writers, directors and actors, we will remain a leader in providing content to an increasingly diverse audience.”

NBCUniversal partnered with The New York State Governor’s Office of Motion Picture and Television Development and the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts to reach approximately 50 novice writers, directors, and producers who participated from 26 schools around New York State. Themes of diversity reflected in participants’ work included race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disabilities and more.

The 2-day program included informational panel discussions with senior industry professionals and creative leaders who shared their insights and guidance. Brooke Kennedy, Producer and Director of The Good Wife and The Good Fight; Samantha Thomas, VP Development at Marvel Television; and Santiago Quinones, Production Manager of Blue Bloods shared their career “highs and lows” and provided advice to get ideas heard and produced by entertainment executives.

The highlight of the Pitch NY workshop was a “speed pitching” opportunity in which participants rotate tables and simulate real-life pitching situations to 25 senior industry leaders, giving students the opportunity to share their stories and enhance their pitching skills. These speed-pitching sessions provide professional development and educational feedback to the participants to gain confidence and help them perfect their narratives.

Nina Noble, Producer of The Wire and The Deuce gave remarks and offered the participants practical advice on steps to take early in their careers. Noble shared her recommendations to the participants to lift up voices and communities that have been underrepresented in the entertainment industry.