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Oxygen True Crime, Home of High-Quality True-Crime Programming, Adds Five New Series Premiering in Q4 2023 and 2024, and Picks Up Three Returning Series


May 08, 2023

New Enthralling Series Include “Texas Justice with Kelly Siegler” (WT), “Fatal Family Feuds” (WT) and “Real Murders of Los Angeles” (WT) 

“Cold Justice,” “Final Moments” and “Homicide for the Holidays” Receive Additional Season Orders 

On the heels of its best year in primetime in nearly 10 years, Oxygen, the home of high-quality, true-crime programming, adds new series to its lineup beginning fall 2023.  

The upcoming programming includes “Texas Justice with Kelly Siegler” (WT) in which the former prosecutor takes viewers through complicated and disturbing murders in the bucolic towns and urban centers of her home state; “The Pike County Murders” (WT), which explores the brutal murders of eight family members in four locations in a single horrific night;  and “Real Murders of Los Angeles,” (WT) following the gripping cases of SoCal’s most beautiful people, from industry insiders and aspiring stars to its desperate dreamers and cynical scammers who fell prey to those who wanted them out of the spotlight.   
Three additional series will return over the course of the year following the spring 2023 premiere of “New York Homicide” season two, wherein NYPD Retired Chief of Detectives Robert K. Boyce dives deep into some of the worst murders in the city’s recent history. Season five of “Homicide for the Holidays,” investigating murders committed when joyful times turn terrifying, is slated for this spring with additional episodes bowing in the fall. “Final Moments,” following law enforcement’s efforts to solve a murder hinging on the victim’s last known surveillance images, texts and social media posts, returns for season two this fall. In addition, a new season of “Snapped” returns this fall as well.  
Season seven of “Cold Justice,” from Wolf Entertainment and Magical Elves, returns in 2024 and follows former prosecutor Kelly Siegler and her team of detectives as they investigate unsolved homicides in small towns. While working with local law enforcement, the “Cold Justice” team has successfully helped bring about 49 arrests and 21 convictions.  
Oxygen True Crime ranked as 2022’s #1 fastest growing top 30 cable entertainment network among total viewers in both primetime and total day and (+12% and +8% vs. 2021), and among all viewers the network (at 324K in L+35) had its best year in primetime since 2014. Oxygen is seeing lifts of +9% in total viewers and +13% in the 18-49 demo in total day from the addition of the OTA feed since its launch on 5/2/22. The most recent five months (Dec 2022 through April 2023) saw the five highest OTA total day viewers.  
New programming coming to Oxygen includes:  
“Texas Justice with Kelly Siegler” is a new true-crime series examining the most shocking murder investigations and toughest trials in Texas history — all told with Kelly’s unique insight and unparalleled access. 

As Chief of Special Crimes in the busiest courthouse in the Lone Star state, Kelly Siegler battled to get killers into courtrooms to face their formidable defense attorneys. With her own first-hand accounts alongside investigators and victims’ families, Kelly will reveal what really happened beyond the newspaper headlines to bring Texas style justice. 

“Texas Justice with Kelly Siegler” (WT) is produced by Wolf Entertainment, Universal Television Alternative Studio and Magical Elves.  
In this adjudicated series, we explore real cases where a once loving family is destroyed by a feud that turns deadly. These are the cases in which someone lost their life to those they should have been able to trust most, their family. We focus on a different case each episode and discover the reasons behind these fatal family feuds and ask how they turned from simply a disagreement with their nearest and dearest to a callous murder.  As the story of the feud is revealed we follow the twists, turns, red herrings and revelations within each case until the perpetrator is caught and the deadly result of the feud uncovered.  

“Fatal Family Feuds” (WT) is produced by Woodcut Media.  
“Sin City Murders” (WT) recounts chilling homicide cases from America’s adult playground, revealing the darkness that hides behind the glitz and glam of the Las Vegas Strip and amid the vast landscape surrounding it. From high-stakes gambling to an oasis of opportunity, Las Vegas offers a little bit of everything for everyone - but what happens when big dreams turn to tragedy? Each hour-long episode covers homicide cases unique to this vibrant and popular destination, from greed-motivated killings to disappearances in the desert. With one of the highest solve rates across the country, Las Vegas’s detectives and police force are unmatched in their skills, rising to the challenges of this boomtown oasis and risking their lives to protect those in need. Told by the investigators and families who lived through these cases firsthand, each episode of Sin City Murders unravels a specific investigation that deeply impacted the surrounding Las Vegas community, and ultimately highlights the justice that is brought to the victims and their loved ones.   
“Sin City Murders” (WT) is produced by 44 Blue Productions, A North Road Company.  
In the City of Angels, everyone is striving for the unattainable high life, and some are willing to kill for it. Encompassing everything from beach communities such as Venice and Malibu to the wealth of Beverly Hills and hip enclaves like Thai Town and Highland Park, “Real Murders of Los Angeles” exposes the dark underbelly of the city's glamorous façade. Follow the stories of those whose lust for fame and fortune led them to commit salacious, sinful, and scandalous murders. In LA, the pursuit of the American Dream can turn deadly. 
“Real Murders of Los Angeles” (WT) is produced by 44 Blue Productions, A North Road Company. 
How did it come to pass that eight members of the same family could be brutally murdered execution-style in four different locations in one night by another family they called friends? The largest murder investigation in Ohio's history rips off the veneer of small-town America, exposing an underbelly of violence, pitting family against family, mother against son, brother against brother, in a haunting story of lies, secrets, and betrayal.    

“The Pike County Murders” (WT) is produced by KT Studios.