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Val Boreland Named Executive Champion of NBCUniversal’s Black Employee Network

Val Boreland, Executive Vice President, Content Acquisitions for NBCUniversal Entertainment, was recently named the Executive Champion of the Black Employee Network (BEN) Employee Resource Group at NBCUniversal.


February 01, 2024

BEN is NBCUniversal’s employee resource organization that seeks to foster and grow a strong Black employee base at the company, whose members are focused on contributing their best – both personally and professionally – to the organization and to the community. 

Read below to hear from Val on her new role as Executive Champion.

What made you want to step into the role of Executive Champion of BEN? What are your top goals for BEN in 2024?

When Craig Robinson approached me about stepping into this role and explained the work and accomplishments of the team, “he had me at hello.” I then met my predecessor, Ric Harris, which sealed the deal. I was so impressed with his passion for this group and the people in it. My goals are to maintain the current levels of success and to connect the group even more deeply to NBCUniversal. I hope to utilize my background in entertainment to drive important discussions and facilitate events that will further the mission of BEN. 

Why is representation on the screen and in content so important and what stories do you look to tell?

For viewers to truly connect with content, it needs to feel real.  People need to see themselves and authentic characters in the stories being told.  It’s important for me to tell stories to which viewers across the country can relate. We want audiences to be entertained, challenged, intrigued, scared, educated, or whatever experience they might be looking for at any given time.  If people don’t feel like they’re connecting with the content we’re providing, they are going to tune out.

What are you watching and/or streaming right now?

I always watch as much as I can because it’s the nature of my job, but I love “Found” on NBC and “Break Point” on Netflix.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow a similar career path as you?

Be passionate, hard-working, and dedicated. Make sure to keep up on industry trends and watch a lot of television and film.

Do you have a word or best piece of advice you are holding onto for 2024?

Do not worry about what you cannot control.