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Universal's Abigail Sinks its Teeth into Sustainability

Abigail was one of the first films to participate in the recently launched GreenerLight Program, an initiative that aims to incorporate sustainability across the development, production and distribution of a film.

May 07, 2024

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Sustainability on Universal's Abigail 

While filming in Dublin, Ireland in the summer of 2023, sustainability for Abigail was an all-hands-on-deck initiative. Universal Pictures leadership, the Universal Monsters team, the Radio Silence directing team, producers, and on-screen talent all acknowledged the importance of sustainability across the production. 

They also had the support of Screen Ireland, which engages the local film industry to provide the tools and resources needed to reduce fuel, energy, and waste. Part of the Screen Ireland partnership included a sustainability case study, in hopes of inspiring other productions in Ireland to follow suit.

The team intentionally chose to film in fewer locations to reduce emissions associated with transportation and fuel. With one primary location for filming at the Glenmaroon House in Dublin, the film crew consolidated production and utilized sustainable technologies like hybrid generators. The film donated leftover meals, costumes, and set materials to the local community.

Glenmaroon House

The Abigail team also opted in for a sustainability script review to identify on-screen opportunities to encourage sustainable behaviors. For example, the production participated in the "Lights, Camera, Plastic?" campaign organized by Habits of Waste, which aims to reduce the portrayal of single-use plastics in film and television. By replacing plastic props with reusable alternatives, Abigail sought to change norms around the use of single-use plastics. 

To further support sustainable behavior change, the production team captured behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with talent and crew to tell their story and help inspire others across the film and TV industry. Abigail was also the first film to feature the new GreenerLight logo and messaging in the end credits.

Universal's GreenerLight Program

Launched in 2023, the GreenerLight Program is an initiative focused on embedding sustainability across the entire filmmaking process through development, production and distribution. Every greenlight package includes a film’s sustainability plan, ensuring that sustainability is considered from the beginning, including script development, locations and set needs, as well as on-screen behaviors.