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Universal Beijing Resort Celebrates One-Year Anniversary with Guests


September 20, 2022

20th Sep. 2022, Beijing – Today, Universal Beijing Resort celebrated its one-year anniversary since Grand Opening. Guests, team members and partners had a joyful gathering at the resort to celebrate the special occasion with anticipation of another year of exciting adventures and experiences at the resort. In addition, Universal Beijing Resort also released the year’s observations of consumer experiences across the resort, which captured countless exciting moments of guests, team members and partners, and unveiled the unparalleled fun of high-quality immersive blockbuster experiences.

This morning, a spectacular one-year anniversary ceremony was held at Universal Beijing Resort’s Hollywood land. Accompanied by Universal Beijing Resort’s theme song, “This Is Universal,” 14 classic movie characters and 62 dancers put on a fantastic show to unveil the anniversary ceremony, making everyone feel like performers on a movie set. Meanwhile, guest representatives, together with Joe Hoskin, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Universal Beijing Resort, invited all guests and team members to take part in a special ceremony with a one-year anniversary countdown and celebration.

As part of the anniversary festivities, guests stepped into the glittering Hollywood Boulevard decorated with anniversary flags colored in gold and blue. LED screens immersed guests in shining moments of the past year, which were collected from Universal Beijing Resort's first year anniversary social campaign. A limited edition anniversary cup officially went on sale allowing guests to take home the precious memories of one-year anniversary.

“Over the past year, Universal Beijing Resort has created amazing stories with our guests.” Joe Hoskin said on this historic day, “Many guests come here to celebrate. Meanwhile, we’ve seen rising demand from Chinese consumers for high-quality and immersive entertainment experiences – just like the kind we create for our guests, which greatly increased our confidence in the future of Universal Beijing Resort. Therefore, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all guests, team members, partners, and all levels of government for their enthusiasm and continuous support. We will continue to bring more high-quality themed experiences and seasonal events to our guests and create the extraordinary dream vacation destination.”

Since its Grand Opening on September 20th, 2021, Universal Beijing Resort has been regarded as a new cultural tourism landmark of Beijing, as it brought the unique experience of “Where Movies Come to Life”. On June 25th, 2022, Universal Beijing Resort resumed its operations after temporary park closure due to pandemic and experienced the first summer peak, restoring confidence for the recovery of cultural tourism industry. During the past year with only 10 month of operations, Universal Beijing Resort provided immersive blockbuster fun and happiness to guests by launching various new experiences, including the Winter Holiday, Universal’s Chinese New Year, Universal Studios Beijing: Honor of Kings Heroes LIVE, Jurassic World Isla Nublar Dinosaurs Exhibitions and launch of Minion-themed rooms at The Universal Studios Grand Hotel. In the past year, 90% of surveyed guests said they were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the resort experiences, with shows and performances, rides and attractions, environment and infrastructure of the park, and digital products and experience as the categories receiving the widest praise.

In the past year, millions of guests found emotional connections and enjoyed blockbuster fun in the amazing movie world through high-quality and up-to-date vacation experiences. Visiting Universal Beijing Resort represented a new lifestyle and symbol of happiness, providing guests with new ways to enjoy leisure time and new opportunities to discover happy moments.

  • With the “new roles” guests enjoy being the heroes of movie world. At Universal Beijing Resort, guests immersed themselves in the roles of “agents”, “wizards/witches”, “warriors”, etc., to enjoy the many themed lands and entertainment. Over the past year, “Agents” traveled 97 thousand kilometers on “Decepticoaster” inside Transformers Metrobase, equivalent to two and a half laps around the earth's equator. “Wizards/witches” enthusiastically visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™. Seeing real snow in the land was an experience that became one of the most popular experiences in Beijing during winter as posted by guests online.  “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey TM”, “Jurassic World Adventure”, and “Despicable Me Minion Mayhem” became the most popular rides.
  • More guests chose immersive experiences through multiple visits in addition to one-time visits. An increasing number of guests preferred gaining fully immersive experiences by visiting Universal Beijing Resort multiple times in addition to a typical one-day visit. Staying in themed hotel rooms, watching themed shows, interacting with beloved characters, enjoying themed food and beverages and selecting themed merchandises became “must-dos” when experiencing the resort. 90% of guests said they would like to visit Universal Beijing Resort again, while guests with Universal Studios Beijing “Winter and Spring Leisure Passes” and “Summer and Autumn Leisure Passes” visited the park more than 17 times within 10 months. Since the Grand Opening, more than 68,000 shows and performances equivalent to 14,000 hours, were watched over 13.8 million times by guests. Guests drank over 1 million cups of ButterbeerTM, enjoyed 1 million Minion Ice Creams in Universal Studios Beijing and over 100,000 hand-crafted milkshakes at Universal CityWalk - The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen. Over the past year, Universal Beijing Resort launched over 3,400 merchandise items in total, bringing at least 1 new item on average every day.
  • Universal Beijing Resort became the destination for guests to celebrate special moments and share happiness. Since the Grand Opening, over 85,000 guests celebrated their birthdays at Universal Beijing Resort. Many couples made marriage proposals at the resort and created sweet and memorable moments with beloved movie characters. Over 80% of guests visited the resort in groups and doubled the happiness by sharing with people they cared about. There are no boundaries between happiness and age at Universal Beijing Resort. Guests of all ages had fun at the resort over the past year with the oldest guests being two 96-year-old grandmas who visited the park during Universal Beijing Resort’s first Chinese New Year seasonal event.
  • “Safety and Health” shared the same value as “Fun”. Fun and safety are of the same importance for creating high-quality entertainment experiences. The team members of Universal Beijing Resort have been working hard in both seen and unseen places to operate a safe and healthy environment for guests. Every day after park closing, riding equipment and facilities are examined and inspected by over 220 team members with thousands of detailed procedures. Team members also worked hard to disinfect facilities and the environment every day, with a cumulative disinfected area of over 50 million square meters over the past year, equivalent to 7,000 times the size of standard football field. All these efforts were made to create a safe and fun environment for guests.
  • More guests embraced technology-empowered park experiences. Guests were more likely to use digital tools to plan their travel and enjoy the convenience of a technology-empowered resort. Since the Grand Opening, guest explored Universal Beijing Resort over 25 million times through using "Photo Validation” technologies access to multiple in-park services, saving paper equivalent to planting 2,000 trees.  Around half of guests used Universal Beijing Resort’s official App and Mini Programs to check maps and navigation. Even during the temporary park closure due to the pandemic, guests “visited the resort online” more than 11 million times by checking Universal Beijing Resort’s official App and Mini Programs.
  • “Green resort” is more attractive for guests. In addition to the themed entertainment experiences, more guests expected a green resort where people live harmoniously with nature. The philosophy of sustainable development can be found everywhere across the resort. Universal Beijing Resort became the world’s first theme park resort destination to achieve LEED Gold certification. There are over 600 species of plants and 387 species of animals  living at Universal Beijing Resort. In the past year, Universal Beijing Resort reclaimed 2.13 million m³ of water, which could almost fill up the entire Kunming Lake of the Summer Palace. The reclaimed water was used in vegetation irrigation, waterscape filling, etc.

In the past year, every guest experienced immersive experiences and enjoyed blockbuster fun at Universal Beijing Resort, creating plenty of wonderful moments and building emotional connections. In the future, Universal Beijing Resort will continue to introduce more innovative themed experiences and festive activities, to create more magnificent memories for all guests!