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NBCUniversal Partner Impact Spotlight:

NBCUniversal Partner Impact Spotlight:

December 11, 2017

Comcast NBCUniversal embraces opportunities to fuel entrepreneurship and innovation in communities across the country. One example is our partnership with the tech non-profit,

Founded in 2016, is a technology-based nonprofit. They provide tenants facing eviction and poor housing conditions with technology to build well-documented cases. The technology helps residents connect with the community and legal advocates. Tech nonprofits like build products using technology like a typical tech startup, but they scale for impact instead of profit.

Since 2016, has served over 2,500 tenants, with 66% receiving positive resolutions (secured repairs and prevented evictions) through use of their website. This compares to a status quo of only 10% of tenants without legal representation receiving positive resolutions.  Furthermore, has gone on to secure major funding and recognition with their innovative app thanks to co-founders Georges Clement, Dan Kass, and Ashley Treni. In 2017, co-founders Georges and Dan were named to Forbes Magazine’s 2018 30 Under 30 list and also won the top prize at the New York WeWork Creator Awards, taking home $180,000 to help advance their work.

As a company uniquely positioned to inform, empower, and inspire, Comcast NBCUniversal embraces opportunities to work with tech nonprofits like to create conversation and mobilize action. Through incredible partners like these, Comcast NBCUniversal can help tech nonprofits power solutions to solve everyday problems.


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