NBCUniversal Brings Tech and Digital Tools Workshops to Civic Hall


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NBCUniversal Brings Tech and Digital Tools Workshops to Civic Hall
December 01, 2017

Comcast NBCUniversal recently introduced a free Nonprofit Workshop Series with Civic Hall to help nonprofit executives overcome lack of financial resources and barriers. Attendees learned how to apply emerging technologies to solve community challenges. Each individual workshop focused on these topics:

  • October 17th  – Designing a Digital Strategy
  • October 24th  – Storytelling for Impact
  • November 7th  – Becoming a Data-Driven Nonprofit
  • November 14th  – Exploring New Tools for Engagement – Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Live Video

A group of curated community-based nonprofit executives registered for each session, which was designed to feel less like a lecture and more like small-group consulting. After each session, nonprofits were provided with actionable methods, tools, and tips for leveraging technology to enhance digital strategies. Each technique learned could be swiftly applied to current digital and social strategies. Invited organizations and networks included City University of New York, Friends of Brooklyn Queens Connector, Groundswell, Lower Eastside Girls Club and Grace Hopper program at Fullstack Academy of Code.

Comcast NBCUniversal is committed to supporting changemakers using media and technology to solve community issues. The workshop content underscores our continuous efforts across the company to drive social advancement by supporting nonprofits with innovative technology solutions to promote social change in communities. 

Attendees listen in on sessions throughout the evening

Civic Hall brought together entrepreneurs from all non-profit sectors

Presenters spoke on a variety of subjects throughout the series