NBCU Awards $25K to Social Innovator


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NBCU Awards $25K to Social Innovator
  • Pro Social Initiatives
November 11, 2014

The Feast and NBCUniversal teamed up to create The Rev Up Change Challenge, a program that helps innovators spread the word about their projects and build the support they need to magnify their impact and broaden their reach. A panel of judges selected five finalists—projects that were not only innovative, but also sustainable and scalable to benefit as many people as possible. Then the public had a chance to view the finalists’ projects online and vote. The grand prize: $25,000 to help the winners move their projects forward and the opportunity to speak at The Feast Conference, where their ideas could take center stage among an audience of fellow social innovators and potential investors.

The 2012 Rev Up Change Challenge prize went to Open Source Ecology—a network of farmers, engineers, and supporters working to create what they call the Global Village Construction Set. The set is a repository of open-source, or freely available, manufacturing designs that make it simpler to fabricate—by hand—the 50 industrial machines that have the biggest potential to improve lives on a grand scale, such as bulldozers, bakery ovens, and electric generators.