The More You Know eBook Teaches Digital Literacy


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The More You Know eBook Teaches Digital Literacy
December 09, 2014

In this digital age, children are growing up with technology right at their fingertips. Even the smallest of children are now the savviest online consumers, utilizing the Internet for schoolwork and social interaction. With half of all kids under the age of eight using Internet connected devices, and one in three children cyber-bullied, it’s more critical than ever to educate our kids on using technology safely.

To help children and parents in this effort, NBCUniversal’s The More You Know Learning Series collaborated with NBC News to create Growing Up Online, a free eBook available for download now. This two-part, media-rich learning tool provides easy-to-use information for parents, teachers and children about navigating the digital world in a unique and engaging way. Part one includes safety tips, discussion questions and key takeaways for parents and teachers. Part two features entertaining video comic books for children six and older, focused on real situations that come up when kids go online.

Growing Up Online is available in both English and Spanish on Apple’s iBookstore for iPad and iPad Mini, Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and Kobo Tablets and Google Play for Android devices. It’s also available online for desktop and laptop viewing here.

Download Growing Up Online today and share this valuable resource with your children, their teachers, and those in your community who share the goal of keeping children safe online.