“The More You Know” Key to NBC's New Saturday Morning Programming


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“The More You Know” Key to NBC's New Saturday Morning Programming
February 25, 2016

For three decades, NBC’s award-winning public service awareness platform “The More You Know” has put the spotlight on important social issues –from education and health to civic engagement and diversity – with a little help from the likes of Shakira, Matt Lauer and Jennifer Aniston.

On Wednesday, NBC announced a new partnership with Litton Entertainment, an independent producer of award-winning family programming, to extend the iconic initiative’s legacy.

Starting in October, viewers can tune to NBC on Saturday mornings for an all-new, three-hour programming block that will consist of six 30-minute educational and informational programs.

“NBC is committed to putting great educational content on Saturday morning and we can’t think of a better partner than Litton, who is the clear leader in this field,” said Ted Harbert, Chairman, NBC Broadcasting. “By coupling Litton’s unparalleled expertise with NBC’s iconic ‘The More You Know’ brand, we are excited to help families come together to enjoy, watch and learn.”

Targeted at 13 to 16-year-olds with topics that appeal to the whole family, the programming will showcase in-depth and inspiring stories featuring leading experts in nature, science and technology. The programming will also highlight role models from champion athletes to everyday heroes who strive to affect positive change in their communities.

“‘The More You Know’ is a powerful and unique platform that has inspired millions of NBC viewers for 30 years to act and promote positive change,” said Dave Morgan, Litton Founder and CEO. “Litton Entertainment has created thousands of award-winning educational and inspirational television, and we are proud to partner on NBC’s renowned educational brand.”